Directorate of Training and Oprations (DTOPS)

The Directorate of Training and Operations is responsible for fulfilling the training and operations requirements of the Centre. It carries out capacity building  Programmes for staff of NCTC and relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). It also liaises and coordinates with relevant MDAs such as the military, intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies in the conduct of some special joint tactical operations. The Training Unit of the directorate  is responsible for both

local and foreign training matters in the Centre.



The Geo-location  and  Disruption Team of the  Directorate  are responsible for identification/tracking and subsequent arrest/capture of designated terrorist targets. the units also provide close protection for government forces, units and equipment in furtherance  of protecting  innocent  citizens.  Additionally,  the Disruption  Unit is  responsible for weapons  handling  and tactical

combat training exercises of personnel  in the  unit.

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