Department of Special Services

The Department of Special Services handles various tasks in support of the NCTC. The roles of the department includethefollowing:

Building synergy between NCTC and the Special Services Office in civil matters such as administrative duties/activities, archiving ofreports and issuance of Staff ID cards and hospital letters.


  • Provides  secretariat  services  for  bilateral  and multilateral  engagements  such as meetings and conferences.
  • Provides  bilateral/multilateral  services  for  interpreters  and  translation  of documents in foreign languages.
  • Provides secretariat services to the NC, JIB, GSAC and other meetings.
  • Liaison  with  various  institutions  in  the  Civil  Service  to ensure  formal  flow  of correspondence within relevant government and non-governmental agencies on behalf ofthe NC.
  • Ensure intervention in disciplinary matters of cases before forwarding same to the concerned agency if necessary.

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