Department of Legal Services

The Legal Services Department consists of experienced and competent prosecutors who review and advise on counter terrorism cases from law enforcement and security agencies, to ensure that legal enforcement is in  compliance with  the  rules  of  armed  conflict.  The  Department presently consists of staff seconded from the Complex Case Group from the Federal  Ministry  of  Justice.  The  department  undertakes  the following roles:

  • Acts as liaison on legal matters between the NCTC, ONSA, the Office of the Attorney
    General of the Federation and other external bodies on legal and related matters.
  • Works closely with the Investigations Department of the Centre and other agencies to ensure best practices on CT investigations.
  • Ensures early engagement between the investigators and prosecution teams of the Centre to make for quality prosecution of CT and other serious crimes of international character within the scope ofthe work of the Centre.
  • Acts as a compliance unit for the Centre.
  • Advises on all counter terrorism matters ensuring that all actions of the Centre comply with extant laws and international conventions, treaties, memoranda of understanding, agreements and other relevant international documents in a manner that depicts the status of the Centre.

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